EUR Seminar 2007

about the EUR seminar 2007

As in 2005 in Versailles, the EUR organisation will take the opportunity of the ICAPP 2007 conference in Nice to organise a seminar with their counterparts and their natural partners (other utilities, vendors and regulators). The seminar is scheduled from 2 p.m. to 5 p. m. in the same building as the ICAPP 2007 conference.

The aim of the EUR seminar is to provide information about the last developments of the EUR documents and to establish direct links with thoses parties which may be interested in EUR. Several EUR Steering Committee members will participate to the seminar. The seminar is open to any representative of the utilities, vendors, R&D agencies and regulators interested in the European Utility Requirements for Gen 3 LWR plants. The participants should register on this site. They can get a specific visitor badge at the reception desk of the ICAPP conference on the afternoon of the seminar.

During the seminar, it is planned to present:
- the status of the EURactions and works since the previous seminar held in 2005
- the final results of the assessment of the AP1000 and AES 92 designs versus the EUR Document,
- the near-term programme and the foreseeable evolution of the EUR Document. 
This will be followed by a discussion between the EUR group representatives and the utilities, the vendors and the regulators interested in EUR. A reception will conclude the seminar.