The EUR organisation has reached 20!

Since its very first steps, the development of the European Utility Requirements document has been kept under control of European utilities willing to specify then build standardised LWR units. The main products of this cooperation -a common design specification and joint assessments of compliance of the available LWR projects- are today fully operational, well recognised by the other stakeholders and have been used extensively both in Europe and in other places worldwide. Started between 5 partners, the EUR organisation today includes most of the European utilities that are considering new builds. It is a recognised actor at European level in the discussions about the designs of new plants and in the discussions about harmonization of the safety rules and approaches. Since the first EUR Steering Committee meeting, held on November 20 1991 in Lyon, a lot of cooperative work has been carried out by the EUR organisation. The specification has been written then enriched and updated several times and the level of compliance of seven designs offered on the European market assessed at detail level in close cooperation with the interested vendors. The success story is going on and today the EUR organisation is engaged in an in-depth revision of the specification that should be concluded by the publication of a revision D in 2012. The Revision D will answer the many comments accumulated by the organisation since the publication of the revision C in 2001. It will also take into account the evolution of the European regulatory approach. Eventually a revision E will be produced where several key technical policies requesting substantial redevelopment will be updated. On the project assessment side, a positive assessment of compliance by the EUR organisation has, de facto, become a necessary step to get certified for the European market and this has actually strengthened the idea of stan-dardisatio at European level. The EUR utilities decided to celebrate this 20th anniversary by organising two parties on November 24 2011 in Paris: an open party at the Ambassador hotel in the core of Paris in the afternoon and an evening event in the Musée de La Marine with those people that had personnally contributed to the successive phases of the EUR project. You will find in these pages a few souvenirs of these events: the EUR 20th anniversary booklet, the press release and a few photos.