EUR Seminar 2005

about the EUR seminar 2005

The EUR organisation will take the opportunity of the ENC'05 conference and exhibition to organise a seminar with their counterparts and their natural partners (other utilities, vendors and regulators) in order to keep connected with them. 
The seminar is scheduled from 3 p.m. to 6 p. m. in the same building as the ENC'05.

The aim of the EUR seminar is:
1- to present:
- the current status of the EUR Document,
- the first results of the assessment of the AP1000 and AES 92 designs versus the EUR Document,
- the foreseeable evolution of the EUR Document. 
2- to discuss the possible co-operation between the EUR group and the utilities, the vendors and the regulators interested in EUR with the aim to impact the next revision of the EUR Document.