The EUR document
The EUR document as of 2013

1. EUR products

The EUR organisation issues 4 volumes:

  • Volume 1: main policies and objectives
  • Volume 2: generic nuclear island requirements
  • Volume 3: application of EUR to specific designs
  • Volume 4: power generation plant requirements

2. EUR products available on the website

Volume 1 Revision E (December 2016)

The site allows the download of Volume 1 Revision E to any visitor on a royal-free basis with a limited right to use it.
Request for EUR Volume 1

Volumes 1, 2 & 4 Revision E (December 2016)

The site includes the tables of contents (TOC) of the latest versions of the Volumes 1, 2 & 4:

  • Volume 1 Revision E (December 2016)
  • Volume 2 Revision E (December 2016)
  • Volume 4 Revision E (December 2016)

The site allows the accesss and download of the full text of  Volumes  2 and 4 of the EUR document only after the delivery of a password by the EUR organisation .
The following request form has to be filled in to ask for access to the full text of EUR Revision E (Volumes  1, 2 & 4).
Request for EUR Revision E

Volumes 3 subsets

EUR Volume 3 consists of a number of subsets. Each subset is dedicated to a specific design that is of interest to the participating EUR members. It contains a description of a standard Nuclear Island*, and a summary of the analysis of compliance versus.the EUR Volume 2.

The volume 3 subsets contain proprietary information and are not available on the site. They can be transmitted after the interested vendor has granted authorisation. The interested persons/organisations should apply through the "question, contact, comments" form available on the site.

The site only includes a short presentation of the projects addressed in the subsets of volume 3 that have already been published. The most recent subsets are :

  • Volume 3 EU APR subset (September 2017)
  • Volume 3 EU-APWR subset (October 2014)
  • Volume 3 Standard EPR subset (June 2009)
  • Volume 3 AP1000 subset (June 2006)
  • Volume 3 AES 92 subset (June 2006)