EUR Course 2005

students involved in a EU university degree course

The course is organised as a part of the Nuclear European Platform of Training and University Organisations (NEPTUNO) within the frame of the 6th Euratom research and training programme on nuclear energy (2002-2006). The NEPTUNO project builds on the achievements of the 5th European Framework programme which led to the establishment of the European Nuclear Education Network, the ENEN non-profit association. The NEPTUNO project is carried out by a consortium of 35 partners, including 25 universities and 10 research institutes or private companies from 19 countries. 26 partners are also members of ENEN.

The EUR course is organised by the group of European electricity producers involved in the development of the European Utility Requirement document for future LWR nuclear power plants (see the other pages of this site). The courses will be given by highly experienced professionals who carry on a wide range of occupations in nuclear electricity generation in European Union: designers, plant operators, safety regulators, grid operators, ... The EUR course benefits from an important support by the ENEN association

The idea is to be able to deliver, as soon as possible, a European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from courses given in different universities, and from seminars organised by research facilities, industry and regulatory bodies. For that the courses and seminars are rated (number of ECTS credits granted) and the teaching staff qualified.

The students willing to get ECTS credits will be requested to participate to a knowledge control in the weeks that follow the course. The precise definition and the procedure of the knowledge control will be specified during the course. The applicants shall fill the adequate field of the registration form to inform the organisers.

Two (2) ECTS credits will be awarded to those students involved in a EU university degree course leading to a master of sciences in nuclear engineering that:
(1) attend the whole of the seminar
(2) pass the knowledge control