EUR reports and support documents

This list shows documents useful to understand the EUR policies and strategy that can be downloaded freely. They are ranked by release date. Some of these documents are subject to copyrights and their rights of use may be limited.

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19/11/2009 October 2009 EUR presentation at the IAEA International Conference on Opportunies and Challenges for Water Cooled Reactors in the 21st Century, Vienna (Austria), October 27-30 2009
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19/11/2009 August 2009 EUR presentations at the WNU International Forum on harmonization of Reactor Design Requirements, Manchester (UK), September 1-4 2009
 EUR    4.5 Mb
26/01/2009 November 2008  "Use of the European Utility Requirements for formulating National Needs", Pierre BERBEY, EDF/SEPTEN
Paper presented at the Technical Cooperation Workshop on Nuclear Power Plant Technology Assessment, Vienna, November 17-20, 2008
 EUR & IAEA    1.4 Mb
27/09/2005 September 2005 "Invitation to the next EUR Seminar next December in Versailles"
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14/03/2005 July 2004 "The position of the European electricity producers involved in the European Utility Requirements"
Paper written by B. Roche & P. Berbey (EDF) for the special issue of the ASN magazine "Contrôle" (n°159, July/August 2004) dedicated to nuclear safety harmonisation in Europe
 ASN    0.1 Mb
14/03/2005 October 2004 "La coopération entre électriciens au travers des EUR" (in French) Slides of the presentation given at the SFEN conference "journée sur les coopérations internationales en matière de sûreté", Paris, 26/10/2004
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10/02/2005 November 2004 EUR letter to WENRA:
"WENRA works on safety harmonisation;interaction with industry"
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26/08/2004 June 2004 "European Utility Requirements: common rules to design next LWR plants in an open electricity market"  Paper presented at the IAEA international conference: "50 years of nuclear power - the next 50 years", Obninsk 27/06 to 02/07 2004
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14/06/2004 November 2003 EUR Presentation at Global 2003 (ANS/ENS International Winter Meeting), slides of the EUR presentation
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26/03/2004 May 2003 "EUROPEAN UTILITY REQUIREMENTS: ACTIONS IN PROGRESS AND NEXT STEPS", paper presented at the ICAPP 03 Conference
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